Tour du lac de Salanfe

Gift Vouchers

Would you like to offer a unique experience to someone special?
Give them an alpine getaway on the shores of our magnificent lake!

Taking into account your wishes and your budget, we will create a special gift voucher.

To give you a few ideas, here are some of our voucher offers (Price 2022):

  • The Little Getaway – CHF 68
    Overnight stay in a dormitory
    Hiker’s Menu or Fondue and breakfast buffet
  • The Escape for Two – CHF 186
    Overnight stay for two in one of our comfortable private rooms with full views over the lake
    Hiker’s Menu or Fondue and breakfast buffet
  • Other vouchers are possible, depending on what you’d like to include and your budget (voucher for a fondue, for a meal, for a fixed amount…)

Send an email to with a description of what you’d like (almost anything is possible!)

We will send you the voucher in a nicely presented envelope, or as a PDF for those who are really in a hurry.