Day trips

There are many day hikes which start from Salanfe. A brochure detailing the trails is available from the Inn.

wagon mines de Salanfe

This is a beautiful walk, accessible to all, and offering exceptional views of Salanfe, the surrounding peaks, the lake and the dam.

Attractive trail climbing up the Golettaz Combe and leading to the pass that links the Salanfe basin to Creusaz/Salvan. Magnificent view.

Lovely trail leading from Lake Salanfe to a small coombe dominated by the Tour Salière. Imposing panorama of Trient and the Mont Blanc Massif.

col de la golette

The Petits Perrons circuit provides fantastic views over the Rhone Valley, the Trient Valley and the Alps.

A magnificent circuit which takes in the Golette and Emaney passes. The rich flora, fauna and landscapes come together to leave you with unforgettable memories.


Auberge de Salanfe
Familly Fabienne et Nicolas Marclay
Case postale 7
CH-1922 Salvan

Phone +41 27 761 14 38

Altitude : 1950 m.

Swiss Grid : 563’830 / 110’460
GPS : 32T 343135 5111859


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