Randonnée en boucle autour du Salantin

Circular Trail around Salantin

Duration : 6h00
Length : 14.6 km
Period : June-Octobrer
Difficulty : Medium/Medium vertical drop
Highest point : 2208m
Elevation gain : 1172m
Vertical drop : 1172m

Lovely day’s hike with magnificent views over Salanfe, the Rhone Valley and the Vallon de Van. This trail is centred around the peak of Salantin, which reaches a height of 2482m, and offers walkers a true escape into the wilderness.

From the camp-site of Van d’en Haut, walk down in the direction of Van d’en Bas, then take the road which goes up to the small hamlet of Dies. Cross through it, then head in the direction of Salantin chalet. Passing through lush forest, the trail follows the Rhone Valley, offering several view-points which overlook the villages of Dorénaz, Collonges and Evionnaz. Then, after crossing the delightful clearing of Cocorié, the path reaches its northernmost point. The pleasant stroll continues to the “Tête à Brelo”, which has a beautiful view over the Chablais of Valais and Vaud through to Lake Geneva. From this point, the trail widens and heads steeply down into the small, wild valley of Jorat, which is dominated by the mighty walls of the Gagneries Massif and the spectacular Cime de l’Est, jewel of the Dents-du-Midi. At Plan Sapin, the trail joins the main Jorat track which leads, after a bit of a climb, to the Jorat Pass with exceptional views over Lake Salanfe, sparkling in its mountain setting, surrounded by the Massifs of the Dents-du-Midi, Tour Salière and Luisin. This is the area where you are most likely to glimpse ibexes. From Salanfe, take the path below the dam which leads to the camp-site of Van d’en Haut.