col de golette

Petits Perrons Circuit

Duration : 7 Std. 20 Min.
Length : 15.76 km
Period : Juni bis Oktober
Difficulty : T3
Highest point : 2470
Elevation gain : 1440m
Vertical drop : 1440m

The Petits Perrons circuit provides fantastic views over the Rhone Valley, the Trient Valley and the Alps.

From Salanfe Inn, head down to the Vallon de Van (1), then follow the trail which goes along the right bank of the Salanfe river, up to the Matze pass (2). Take the direction marked ‘Sex des Granges’. The trail climbs up through the forest, then crosses a scree field above the village of Salvan. There is a superb viewpoint from Sex des Granges onto the Dents du Midi and the Rhone Valley. From the Sex (3), continue until you reach the heights of La Creusaz (4), then turn off to climb up to Golette pass (5). Return to Salanfe along the trail which winds through the picturesque Gollette coombe and past the Ottans lake.

NB: the climb up to Sex des Granges is steep and not recommended for anyone who suffers from vertigo.

Variation: walk down into La Creusaz before climbing up to the Golette pass. There are restaurants here (add 45 mins to go there and back, 2.42 km and -/+ 122m vertical drop / climb

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Auberge de Salanfe
Familly Fabienne et Nicolas Marclay
Case postale 7
CH-1922 Salvan

Phone +41 27 761 14 38

Altitude : 1950 m.

Swiss Grid : 563’830 / 110’460
GPS : 32T 343135 5111859


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